Letter to the Editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I attended the Levy County Commission meeting on April 6 and all I can say is shame on three of our county commissioners.

The residents of South Levy County, have always felt under-represented until Gov. Crist appointed Commissioner [Marsha] Drew to the board. Since being in office, she has tried to address the needs of her constituents, but has been blocked by the power struggle taking place on the board.

 At the meeting, Commissioner Drew presented a well - qualified individual to represent the people in South Levy County to fill a position on the Planning Commission.

As usual, the Rooks, Stevens, and Johnson triumvirate blocked her attempt; Commissioner Nancy Bell voted with Drew as a statement against the unfairness of the situation.

Not only was a well-respected and intelligent candidate voted down, but it was done without discussion or allowance for citizen comment before the vote was taken or without the appointee having been interviewed.

Only after citizens in the audience demanded to know why they voted not to approve the candidate for the office were the commissioners forthcoming with reasons for their decisions.

The process seemed contrived and spoke volumes about what is taking place on the commission.

In the past, Commissioner Rooks has done the exact thing she prevented our Commissioner from doing. She replaced a seated Planning Commission member with a new person of her choosing.

Our commissioner and our residents know what’s best for us and Commissioner Rooks’ comment about wanting someone who knows the Comprehensive Plan, to retain the seat, is weak at best.

Anyone taking a new position must have time to learn the rules and procedures; amazing that a well-educated (Master’s Degree), intelligent, experienced ( served on a planning and zoning board) person would not be “experienced” enough to serve on a county Planning Commission!

After hearing her reasons for voting no, I’m asking Commissioner Rooks if she had all the knowledge to be a cCommissioner immediately upon taking office.

 This situation coupled with their other recent decisions, affecting our area, i.e the unfilled mine pit, on King Road, will not go unnoticed at election time. Changes will be taking place all over the country this Fall; we need to begin that process right here in Levy County!

 Our thanks to the commissioners who are trying to look out for the best interests of South Levy VOTERS.

Nancy Tobergte