Letter to the editor

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Setting record straight

To the editor:
At the City Council meeting July 19, 2011 Mr. Holloway made a statement to the effect that Eco Sciences was not coming to Williston because the City Council was unprofessional.
 I wonder if he realized he included himself in this statement since after all he is on the Council?
 Even though I was not named Mr. Holloway was directing his comments to me because during the course of my investigation of Eco Sciences I discovered that Mr. Hammond worked with Marcus Collins at Mt. Dora and was on the Board of Directors at a condo association with Mr. Collins in Leesburg.
This led me to question Mr. Hammond about his past and perhaps present relationship with Mr. Collins because I wanted to be satisfied there would not be a problem in the future since Mr. Collins resigned as city manager. I was satisfied after the questioning that this would not be a problem if Eco Sciences came to Williston.
 Any way Mr. Holloway went on to say that I, even though I wasn’t named, cost the city $109,000. This was a total fabrication of the truth by Mr. Holloway.
Mr. Holloway in the way he presented his remarks made it sound like he had spoken with Mr. Hammond, this also was not true.
In fact when Mr. Hammond was contacted by an independent source Mr. Hammond did not even know who Mr. Holloway was.
I have a question: I wonder who “told” Mr. Holloway to make this false statement at the city council meeting? I just want to set the record straight, thank you.
Jerry Robinson
Williston City Councilman