Letter to the Editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

"Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see!" This old saying came back to me full force when I walked into a local store in time to hear the cashier parrot what a previous customer told her. She said that starting immediately the government was going to deduct $100 per paycheck to pay for the new health care bill. She was still upset even after I tried to convince her it was a lie. Why are people so willing to believe rumors instead of checking the facts?

The same thing happens with e-mails. I have researched snopes.com countless times when friends who have different political beliefs have forwarded outlandish e-mails and in every case they were lies.

Ironically, aside from the insurance companies, the people who will benefit the most from this (imperfect) health bill are those who are being whipped into a frenzy against it. Let's amend it, not kill it.

The original Boston tea party was against taxation WITHOUT representation. Using the name "tea party" today is a fraud. They are represented and there was a vote. They are just poor losers but, unfortunately, the lies being spread like the one above are unconscionable.

Many people think they are listening to news when it is just one-sided opinion. For both sides of an issue, locally we have WUFT FM (89.1) which now has a talk radio format. If you prefer humor with your news, try watching the Daily Show and Steven Colbert at 11 M on the comedy channel. Both are repeated three times the next day and both have an usual way of "outing” the liars.

Mignon Craig