Letter to the Editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

Let me ask a question to the people of Williston. When you go into a city what you see is either eye appealing or an eye sore to you. Correct? What conditions are our Williston Business District buildings in? A step away from being condemned in some buildings.

So why did the CRA spend so much time (months) researching to find prime property behind the Williston Business District? It's supposed to beautify our neighborhood maybe encouraging people to walk around possibly wanting to shop in other businesses we were told.

Come on let’s be real. The fact that six homes out of 10 are already rentals (one vacant) and the landlords don't live there. Who won't be affected by the "whom or what" moves next door is bad enough. Has anyone seen the front property size of these homes? How about the driveways (for those who have driveways) let's not forget the dangerous conditions of the sidewalks (for those of who have sidewalks) which forces everyone to walk, ride bikes, jog and for the elderly ride their wheel chairs on the street. Parking for customers, employees and employer, parking where? Backing up into our roads. (Lets do the math, that's increase of cars = increased traffic flow)

Besides our taxes going up, danger to those forced to use the streets, landlords profiting and disregarding who lives next to us, we have the CRA telling us it will be good for Williston giving no guarantees or care of our concerns. No guarantees what types of businesses will be run next door or days and times of operations. I asked if a Tattoo parlor is allowed hearing "only respectable". The answer, yes Tattoo parlors are allowed. I asked about environmental conditions/hazards we might be exposed to. (Adults and children in the neighborhood suffer from illnesses triggered by certain chemicals/animals/smoke (cigarettes) etc.) I was told there are strict regulations to be followed. I asked about increase of traffic and possible dangers to the people who are forced to use the streets. I was told outside cities studies showed traffic should decrease and that our sidewalks will be looked at. (Yet a council member asked if in the future these roads could be widened. Hey I thought you said traffic decreases.)

These ideas make no sense. Our homes are where our children play, our families gather, and we plan on retiring in. Sure we want to see Williston's business prosper but what is the Williston Business District on the main roads for? Eye Sores? Certainly not to draw in more business from what the CRA is stating by rezoning homes a block behind them to draw in business. We have respectable and quiet small business now as neighbors. But what are we to expect next door to us now? Please join us at city hall on April 6. Share your opinions and ask whyif passed your homes could be next.

Joan Plume