Letter to the Editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

When I moved to Williston in the early 80s, it was a very nice place to live, not much there but that’s the way people liked it.  Now having returned for family and personal reasons it has slipped into a state of sad disrepair with the people of this community and the government all sharing in the blame.

It appears that there are certain property owners who simply like the Chernobyl look if you get my drift, business locations that have been empty for years are ugly to look at.  In fact when one travels into Williston on 121 the first sign of life is a vacant strip mall that has been empty for years and serves no purpose other than lazy disrepair.

What I don’t understand is why the citizens and government don’t act in some way?  Do they care about property values?  I don’t think so because if they did they would not support these lazy business people who seek to devalue this community and the government should enforce code regulations and demolish condemned buildings.  Instead we see the city of Williston bent on shaking down kids for skateboarding.

Thomas Oakes