Letter to the Editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I have waited and again have not read any comments from the citizens of Williston on the latest actions of the city council. 

Maybe I am missing something, or the council is not explaining themselves very well.  I read where the council was laying off six or seven employees (at Christimas time?) and in another breath, they are giving all full-time city employees a Christmas bonus (totaling over $6000)? 

The monies for the bonsus was found in the budget?  Where was it found ; where is it coming from?  But a better idea, is in these hard times, would it not be  better to show a little compassion for the employees facing lay offs, to be kept on a little while longer? 

I do not get to many council meetings anymore.  But I do read the Pioneer to keep up with the latest.  Maybe everyone should.

Lindsey Lowman-Hager