Letter to the Editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, I was returning from Tampa on I-75. As I neared mile marker 345, I watched a blue SUV strike the guardrail in the opposite lane, and overturn. I watched an object fly from the SUV so I called 911 and I stopped to assist. The object that was ejected turned out to be the young female driver. She had no pulse and was unresponsive to first aid.

I viewed the crash scene and interviewed the investigating trooper. The driver’s side of the car was relatively undamaged and the trooper said the driver would probably have suffered only minor injuries, if only she had been belted in. A 19-year-old girl lost her life that day and a family has to grieve that loss.

I, too, am a survivor of a horrific traffic crash. I survived the impact of an 18 wheeler travelling at 76 mph when my stationary patrol vehicle was rear ended. Absent my seat belt, I would probably have been ejected and killed.

This week, the state of Florida begins its Fall Safety Belt Campaign (Click it or Ticket). Our officers will coordinate with police and sheriff’s deputies all over the state to enforce safety belt compliance. I hope you are not one of the persons that I write for failing to buckle up. If you are, please understand that I do it so I don’t have to tell your family something very painful.

Investigator James Bond

Williston Police Department