Letter to the Editor

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By Jerry Robinson

To the editor:

Well, I guess we seniors can all be proud of the organization that is supposed to help us, huh?

They are now helping us with their endorsement of OBAMACARE, isn’t that wonderful?

Do they now want to control us also? Are you ready to give up your freedom, your liberty? Wasn’t this the reason our great country was founded?

I really don’t believe it was founded for the government or organizations like AARP to control our every move but it appears that is where this country is headed with our present government and organization’s endorsing this government with issues such as this.

I love this country and the freedom we have, but how much longer will we have this freedom?

I have cancelled my AARP membership and I urge others to call AARP and cancel theirs as well.

They are truly not working in our best interests. Freedom, what a powerful word and wonderful feeling we have, for now. God bless America and those who served and are serving for our freedom and liberty!

Jerry Robinson