Letter to the Editor

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What are you thinking, CRA?

By The Staff

Dear Editor:

After reading the article about the CRA going on’s for improvement to the downtown area of Williston, I had to ask myself what were they thinking when it came to removing the parking area in front of the Ivy House?

Williston being as small as it is, parking of any kind for a business is at a shortage. To make matters worse, most business’s trying to open or start here in our town is at a major disadvantage when it comes to parking. Now the CRA, God bless them, wants to remove the small parking area in front of The Ivy House in order to landscape a basically useless island of land in its place.

The Ivy House, which is a Williston institution and a major draw to our area, is fighting for its life during these hard economic times as most businesses are now days. To remove the parking in front of the Ivy House would be very detrimental to its livliehood as well as a bad impact on our coummity.

When Ms. Mimi, The Ivy House owner, asked where she was to go from here, the replay was not the answer she was looking for. The LDR regulation or city regulation prohibiting backing out into a street is totally out dated and hinders local businesses to include The Ivy House Restaurant.

For years parking on secondary streets in Williston has been a pull in and back out type parking. A prime example of poor planning is the area between city hall, The Ivy House and the post office which has both parallel and pull in parking.

Parallel parking is a waste of space and is very difficult for most anyone to do and constitutes a very dangerous situation for both driver and vehicles.

The pull in and back out concept for parking in Williston has worked for years. Why are we trying to change it now? To make a small piece of land look better? I think our city council members should take a serious look at this LDR and what’s being proposed and how it affects our community and businesses trying to stay alive. I have counted no less than five businesses this will affect unless a new amendment to this regulation is brought from the city council. Yes, we have a brand new parking lot in front of City Hall that can and will be used by visitors to our city. Are having a few extra parking spaces in front of The Ivy House really going to make a big difference in the appearance of our Downtown Area? I think not. Before the CRA submits proposed plans like this, I think they should actually go around town and see how many businesses they are willing to scarifies for the price of an island of grass.

Another item that is up for review is prohibiting any advertisement on the corner of Main Street and Hwy 27. The polls that were placed there for years are now gone. They were used to place event banners on to let the community know about city and charitable happenings in the city. Now they’re gone. We have no way of announcing any event for the future. Instead of banning these banners and signs, I would like to suggest that the City, along with the CRA, construct a structure of some type to help the citizens of Williston promote yearly and special events while maintaining the new look of the corner.

If we help each other we can get through our current economic dilemma.

Steve Dibble

Sign-Man Signs