Letter to the Editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

As Grand Knight for The Knights of Columbus at Holy Family Church Council 11784, I would like to thank the editor of the Pioneer, Carolyn Risner. She was very gracious in handling the Knights and writing an article concerning our activities and service in the community.

In recognition, I would also like to specifically thank the sponsors who have been of great value to us and our cause to help our community. They include The Williston Women’s Club for use of their hall, Driftwood Restaurant for sponsoring gift cards for charity activities, Winn Dixie for allowing a Tootsie Roll Drive to aid the disabled population, and the Green Shutters for their gift cards related to charity activities in support of our car show, the Tri County Pregnancy Center for the support and aid they give the community in support of their cause and Perkins Bank and Advanced Auto Parts for the car show support in generating money for local charities.

I also have to include The Holy Family Church with regard to the Women’s Guild in dealing with the growing pains and changes related to our business throughout the past couple years. Personally, I need to thank Susan Dees for being a leader among our church and ministries by helping everyone she contacts. I need to add the Youth Group whois tremendously supportive in any of the church’s activities.

In conclusion, I would like to personally thank all of the people including my brother Knights who have remained consistent and strong in their belief as Christians. It is in this manner that we are able to help our community strengthen and grow.

William Backlinie, Grand Knight

Council 11784