Letter to the Editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

After reading the article on the mail carrier that failed to deliver mail facing a possible five-year prison sentence plus $250,000 fine.

I understand that this is a serious offense, messing with the government and the U.S. mail. Yes, she should be punished. I think that’s a bit harsh of a sentence for not delivering mail when people can get away with starving, neglecting and abusing horses, pets and children with sometimes no convictions.

One case stands out for me in particular that is still an ongoing case where horses were starved in Ocala back a few months and the abusers, still have not been prosecuted for their neglect and five horses that died because of them not feeding these horses. Two of those horses were just innocent babies. Then there are the 76 Arabians in Texas, 17 more Arabians were seized a while back, the 120 other horses in Ocala a year or so ago. The list goes on and on and on.

Where’s the justice? I am not by any means saying what the mail carrier did should go unpunished but I am saying those above mentioned animal abusers need to be punished. It has been over four months now and still no charges have been filed.

There are many, many horses in the horse capital of the that are being starved to death and the law needs to step up and set an example of these people and put into effect a harsh punishment for this kind of treatment to any living creature. The state attorneys, judges, animal control officers, local law enforcement officers, child protection agency, congressmen and all forms of government representatives.

The many pet owners, horse owners, child protection agencies, humane societies, urge the LAW to make a stand and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any one that does bodily harm to any living creature human or otherwise.

With the failing economy, many people can’t afford to feed their children, let alone their animals, but they must know that they will suffer severe penalties and mandatory jail time for this kind of cruel treatment. If you can care for any living creature, please call your local authorities and they will direct you to the right organization in your area to help.

I think people would think twice about even committing these cruel and inhumane practices if there were laws that worked. If you see an animal suffering and being starved just pick up the phone and call the sheriff’s department. Don’t look away and hope someone else will call.

Diane Marchand