Letter to the Editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I want to wish “Cracker” Johnson well, as he serves Levy County as the District-1 Commissioner. As a former Commission Candidate in the 2008 election, I campaigned along side of Mr. Blitch and Mr. Macri. and thought the governor would have appointed these two gentlemen.

These two candidates walked a lot of miles on the campaign trail and spent a lot of money to run. They also garnered a lot of votes.

I have always supported a County Charter, and if the county had a charter, there would have been a provision in that charter that would have had the people of Levy County choose the replacements for the two empty seats.

I am not going to run again (getting to old) but,I will stay involved and speak out at commission meetings, and hope the five commissioners will work together in the best interest of the citizens of Levy County.

Dave Bibby