Letter to the Editor

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Rotary says 'thanks'

By The Staff

To the editor:

The Rotary Club of Williston would like to publicly thank the following individuals and businesses for their participation in the Rotary Jail-n Bail held on Friday, June 5:

Patty Galyean, Mike Doerr, John Gray, Tammi Johns/Green Shutters, Jim Smith, Bo Hobby, Charlotte Jones/Willard’s Restaurant, Frances Lasalle, John Lott, Stoney Smith, Alan Cooper, Janice Carlisle, Owen Baynard , Devin Whitehurst, Richard Dass.

The Rotary Club would also like to say a special “thank you” to Chief Robert Douglas for his assistance in obtaining bail monies for Stoney Smith and for “apprehension and delivery” of Owen Baynard and Janice Carlisle.

The Rotary Club of Williston will proudly reinvest the funds raised into the youth of the Williston, Bronson and Morriston communities. If you would like more information on this event or Rotary in general, please contact Jason Cason at 352-528-3101.