Letter to the Editor

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Mining issue is huge

By The Staff

To the editor:

The June 4 issue contained a letter from a concerned citizen (with whom we agree 100 percent). She recommends we show our support in trying to defeat the request for special exemption permits.

Your note referred the readers to a story on page one.

That story by Lou Elliott Jones headlined “Mining hearing delayed for now” spent all of the space on page one to ambulance services and fees. The reference to the mining issue was on page 14 and at most five paragraphs. Come on. This issue is huge. To diminish it saying “Residents objected to the mining operation noting it would cause noise and dust problems in what is primarily a horse farm area: is grossly unfair to say the least.

What about the myriad of other issues i.e.”

1) Would the blasting affect our water supply?, our building foundations?, land stability?, creation of sinkholes?, cracks in our pools and ponds?, impact on wildlife and livestock?

2) Wouldn’t the daily truck traffic damage our (only) two main access roads (CR 322 and Hwy. 41)?

3) Would having an “active” mining site affect the “sale ability” of our properties?

4) Would the mining company absorb the costs of damages to our properties?

5) Would you like to live, work and raise your family in an area where for the next 20 years you had to listen to blasting and the 24/7 noise of an industrial grinding machine? Where you, your family and livestock were inhaling dust from the rock grinding?Just think, potentially a child could be born and grow to full adulthood hearing the grinders and blasting and breathing the dust particles his or her entire life and could this create health problems?

Maybe we as a community should come together with a strong unity to protect, defend and support our way of life.

Levy County is billed as the Nature Coast. Let’s come together as the unified defenders of the “natural” way of life we choose to live here for. Protect the wildlife, livestock and agriculture to maintain our lifestyle. Keep our lands and waterways clean and pristine.

Let’s promote a a front page protest. Let’s get Levy County back on track and protect our “Nature Coast.”

If there is even a remote chance of damaging or contaminating our pristine springs, the quality of our aquifer and the serenity of our lifestyle, we must unite and stop the mining operation. Protect what you have worked and sacrificed for.

Make it your business to find out when the June 16 meeting will be rescheduled and show up.

V.H. and Angie Price