Legacy honored

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Tourney remembers athlete Ike Floyd

By Jenna McKenna

 The Team Mighty Ike Holiday Shootout was held in memory of beloved Williston student-athlete Isaac Floyd, who died a year ago in a car accident. 

In the wake of the tragedy, which rocked the area, Floyd’s family created a charitable foundation, Team Mighty Ike, whose mission is to promote seatbelt use and safe driving among youth, as well as offering support to families of young people killed or injured in motor vehicle accidents. 

“We all know wearing seatbelts isn’t the coolest thing to do, but we want kids to realize when they walk out the door, that their families are expecting them to return,” says Lenora Floyd, Ike’s big sister and foundation director.

“Ike walked out the door, but he didn’t come back.”

The foundation also seeks to further Ike’s dream of succeeding in college and improving his community by offering Williston students at least one to two college scholarships per year.

If the foundation’s aims seem lofty, Floyd says that’s by design.

“I dream big because I want big,” she says. “I want to see Team Mighty Ike go far. Not for me, but for him, and for the city of Williston. All the family and friends who think of him every day.”

Floyd says she’s looking forward to the foundation’s year-end event in May, when donors will be recognized and scholarships awarded.

“We want to give that gift to others – the opportunity to go to college and achieve, the thing that Ike never had a chance to experience.”

“I don’t think Ike’s purpose was to die,” says Floyd. “There was so much more to him, that I think the world was better with him in it. And nobody could ever fill his shoes. But if we all try, we can take bits and pieces of his personality and make wonders happen.”

For more information about TMI’s message of Stay Strapped and Heed the Speed, visit http://www.facebook.com/TMIfoundation.