Landfill fees and the county

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By The Staff


It seems to me that Nancy Bell is working hard for the residents of this county, at times standing alone. The latest disagreement with fellow commissioners has been the landfill tipping increases. She was against the increase.

Yes, it may have been a long time since there has been an increase. But, I agree it is ?too much at one time.?

I already have a problem with illegal dumpers. I haven?t decided yet if the illegal dumpers are basically too lazy or too cheap to go to the landfill. They are definitely too inconsiderate. I just hope the problem doesn?t get worse with the increased charges.

Did the company hired to do your survey and comparison of charges also mention there are residents of Marion County that do not pay additional charges to dispose of household items including small refrigerators, garbage and yard debris?

Remember we do already pay non-ad valorem assessments to the board for ?environment-landfill? charges on our property tax bills.

To commissioner chairman Mr. Yearty: You got the increase. Now what are you going to do for the residents of Levy County?

Are we going to get back the one free disposal day we use to have for Earth Day clean-up?

What about making the landfill hours more friendly to working folks? 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. is useless to them. If you have children in Saturday sports or perhaps even work Saturdays that makes it difficult too.

I am NOT trying to make excuses for these people. I am trying to see if there is some way to avoid what is already an eyesore.

I am already working with the code enforcement and realize there is only so much they can do.

To the residents of Levy County I urge you to report anyone you see dumping illegally. To those out there that are creating the messes, have you no pride? What kind of example are you teaching your children? What right do you have to deface some one else?s property?

Shame on you.

Vicki Wilson