Kent Owens is adjusting to Williston

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Chiropractic practice opens on Main Street

By Carolyn Risner

You don’t have to keep your back against the wall any longer. A new chiropractor has come to town.

Kent Owens, affiliated with Trenton Medical Center that opened on Main Street March 16, is ready to give you the adjustment of your dreams.

Chiropractic is a system of complementary medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative treatment of misalignments of the joints, especially those of the spinal column. The very word chiropractic comes from the Greek meaning “to do by hand.”

Owens, a native of North Alabama who married a Gainesville girl, decided to go into the profession after sustaining back spasms while playing basketball. He decided that chiropractic was a way of helping others and went to school at Palmer College in Port Orange.

After an internship, he joined Trenton Medical Center and is now eager to dispel rumors and myths revolving around his profession.

A typical adjustment last five to 10 minutes, he said, and the entire time he is with a patient, he is interacting–learning more about the patient and his lifestyle. That’s because chiropractic truly is a complement to other medicinal practices.

Owens stresses preventative care and zeroes in on nutrition and posture–two facets that people can control.

Always in the forefront of any treatment, he said, is the question, “Are we gearing toward a resolution?”

If, after a month of prescribed adjustments, Owens sees no definitive change, he makes recommendations for the next phase, which could be muscle therapy, pain management, injections or as a last recourse, surgery.

If chiropractic does in fact help, Owens says periodic follow up appointments are scheduled for maintenance.

“If you don’t use it,” he said, “you do lose it.”

Almost everyone is a candidate for chiropractic, Owens said and he is willing to work with patients to ensure they get the services best suited for them.

Trenton Medical Center accepts most insurance for its services, Owens said, and for the uninsured, there’s a sliding scale for fees that is based on income.

Owens is in Williston Monday, Wednesday and Friday.