On the Job

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City manager has been around but he says he’s here to stay

By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

He’s a voracious reader, with 348 unread books on his Kindle; a consummate traveler; a man of deep faith–and as a side note, the original Amityville Horror.

Or at least that’s what Scott Lippmann laughingly called himself last week as he detailed growing up in Amityville, N.Y.–a town infamous because of the mysterious phenomena that occurred there–but also his home for the first semester of his life.

As the only child of a legal secretary and a boatyard owner on Long Island, Lippmann said he had an extraordinary childhood.

Amityville is a lot like Williston, he said, and growing up you couldn’t really get into trouble because all the neighbors were watching out for you and would tell.

“I had a really big sandbox to play in,” he said.

Most of his childhood memories center around life on the water.

As Christmas approached last week, he couldn’t help but recall the year he found a rowboat under his Christmas tree.

While rowing and sailing were once huge facets of his life, today he admits, “I haven’t been on the water seriously in 25 years.”

That may be because he’s been too busy becoming educated, carving out a career and marrying the love of his life and settling in Williston.

A stop in North Carolina while traveling to Florida with his parents eventually led to him attending and graduating from Wake Forest with a degree in psychology. At one point, he’d hoped to obtain a master’s degree in counseling, but out-of-state tuition quashed the notion and he headed back to New York where he started working in retail management.

Macy’s and Abraham & Strauss figured prominently in those early years as his job took him to Richmond, Va. and Baton Rouge, La.

Life was on track until he was diagnosed with cancer in his late 20s and returned to New York for treatment. 

He successfully won his battle, switched careers, lived near Washington, D.C. and headed back to school at Johns Hopkins where he earned a Master of Science degree in management.

It wasn’t long after that he met his now wife, Berta, in a Christian chat room.

Between the two of them, they kept the telephone company and airline in business, he said.

“Honestly, I was ready for change,” he said, adding he knew Berta wouldn’t move North so he moved South and the two were married in 1999.

A self-admitted small town boy at heart, Lippman said he knew without doubt this is where he wanted to be as he and Berta were walking down the limerock road from their house carrying blankets and chairs to a Friday night Red Devil football game.

“People are involved in people’s lives in a good way,” he said of his home for the past 13 years. “Where else can you go to a high school football game and the county judge is the one saying the pre-game prayer?”

He said he is impressed how the local churches work together and commends their strong interplay.

“I’ve been treated so well in this town,” he said.

Lippmann is firmly rooted in town–if not for Berta then for their six granddaughters.

“We’re very involved in their lives,” he said.

The Lippmann’s attend Williston Church of God where he has many roles.

He enjoys traveling, photography, motorcycle riding and working with computers.