James Ivey practicing at Trenton Medical

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By Carolyn Risner

Life has almost come full circle for Dr. James Ivey, the newest addition to Trenton Medical Center’s Williston office.

Ivey, a native of Orlando who spent 22 years practicing medicine, is now seeing patients in Williston.

A family physician who studied medicine at Atlanta’s Emory University, Ivey said becoming a doctor seemed like a step up from his roots.

His grandfather was a pharmacist and his father followed him, working in the family drug store.

Ivey said he, too, was almost a pharmacist but after some consideration, decided to go to medical school because the curriculum in pharmacology didn’t challenge him.

After a two-year hitch in the Air Force, he and his wife settled in Palmer, Alaska where they reared their five children and lived until 1991.

The couple then returned to Florida, settling in Lakeland where he worked at Polk General Hospital before coming to Gainesville.

At 70 years old, Ivey said he is now slowing down but has much he wants to do–including writing.

He has penned a book, “The Truth is Inevitable” that went on sale last week. The tome is an apologetic, a defense of the Bible and the truth it holds.

“It is the most important thing I can think of,” the doctor said, defending that science supports faith.

The book is 30 years in the making, Ivey said, and he has other manuscripts that he wants to polish.

When not writing or practicing medicine, Ivey enjoys playing golf, spending time with his family and flying.

While a doctor cannot specialize in geriatrics, Ivey said he has certification in the field and enjoys treating the aging population.

“I listen to them long enough to determine their needs,” he said about his older patients, defining what separates him from other doctors.

Ivey is in the Williston office in the mornings Monday, Wednesday and Friday and in the afternoons Tuesday and Thursday.