It was the whimper heard around the world

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

What the Williston Police Department calls an act of cowardice has created a media buzz that has spanned the United States and the United Kingdom.

Last Thursday, the Williston Pioneer first reported that a  puppy was found buried alive by Williston police officers and personnel.

The police officers had gone to a remote location to destroy evidence, per a judge’s court order, when they heard a whimpering sound.

Following the noise, they soon discovered a puppy, whose eyes are not yet open, buried alive in a shallow grave.

The puppy, buried face down, was unearthed and taken to the  Levy Animal Clinic where it was examined, cleaned up and adopted. He has since been named Tucker and a week later is doing remarkably well.

As word reached Willistonians’ ears by nightfall, the Myree family pledged $100 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s).

Within hours, as the story was circulated via websites and Facebook, the ante raised on the reward.

Monday, Police Chief Dennis Strow said the reward fund is now $2,700 and comes from all walks of life.

Individuals from as far away as England have contacted him and Sunday the Today Show had a representative interview Strow about Tucker’s fate.

The investigation is ongoing and the chief is determined to discover who committed the act of cruelty.

 If you have information, contact the WPD at 352-528-4991.