ISO rating lowered

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

Home and business owners in the city of Williston can look for some savings on their fire/homeowners' insurance premiums thanks to the efforts of the Williston Fire Department.

City Manager Scott Lippmann announced Tuesday night that the city's ISO rating, the means by which fire protection is graded, was lowered from six to five. Lippmann added the new evaluation was 4.5 points from being a four, and can be appealed.

What that means is savings to the consumer because the better the fire protection, the less premiums are.

To the average homeowner, the lower rating could mean a savings of $50 annually, and if it's lowered to four, another $50 savings, Lippmann said.

Businesses could see as much as $1,000 in savings annually thanks to the new standard.

"It was a lot of hard work," said Chief Lamar Stegall.

Property owners should check with their insurance agents to see when and if the new rates will apply.