Hospital could bring positive changes

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To the editor:
   Re: Tri County Hospital
This  is  great  news  for  the Williston  community and  surrounding  communities.   I m sure many  people  are  really happy that  Mr. Gillman  has   let  someone  help  him  with   trying to get  a fully operational  hospital that  can  pay their  employees  and  help the community  to grow and provide  health  care.   Thank you, editor,  for bringing this information to  light. 
 I was  driving through town the other  day and  saying   that  this place  needs a facelift  badly.
  The  people in this area for the most part are   great neighbors and  local  business owners and   we love that about this area.  BUT  they need to do something about the  town.  Maybe  some more new  paint and awnings on some of the buildings  now that  we may  finally have a  thriving hospital  and bring in some more jobs to this area–especially  on Main Street’s  corner–the  heart of the town.  It looks  like a  ghost town.   They need to bring some life back to  that section  of town.
  I’m  sure this  has  relieved  many  people  and   maybe  bring  some much needed   hope for this  community of jobs and growth!   Thank you  to Dr. Tariq  and Dr. Kahn  for   not giving up  to  build  this hospital  and  Mr. Gillman   for  stepping up  and doing the right thing for the community and the employees.
 Now  if somehow they can get  more of the  building owners to do a  little  TLC to their properties,   maybe  Williston  can  bring in some new businesses and  more jobs.
What  are  the  graduating  students   and  people  with  little or no skills  supposed to do for work  in this area?  They need  jobs to grow.  Maybe  this hospital  will bring those  jobs and  a much needed facelift.
Diane Marchand