Horses need protection

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By The Staff


I have to comment on these two stories of animal abuse that were in your paper. It's good that people get to read these stories, so they will be aware of just how bad the animal neglect and abuse situation is.

It's about time the legal system takes animal cruelty seriously. It's a crime and the law needs to step up their penalties for it.

They need to enforce stiff penalties for people who abuse animals. What was done to those horses at Beauty's Haven Farm is horrible.

These poor defenseless horses have already been rescued from abuse by humans. It's disgusting and if they catch them the law should be responsible to prosecute them to the fullest extent.

On to the next case of abuse: Horse killed crossing the country pulling a wagon.

It's really sad that the poor horse had to die because of one person's dream that was not a reality. How did this man think he could make this trip on our roadways across America, which alone are dangerous in a vehicle, never mind a horse, alone, with no help to take care of these horses. When these horses were deemed dehydrated and did not want to move, don't you think the Humane Society should have been called in?

When he knew he could not find a place to pull over he could have used his cell phone to call the police, and tell them he was in trouble, the horses were exhausted, and to send help.

If he was unprepared for this incident how in the world did he think he would make it to the Pacific Ocean? This was animal abuse and a "tragic accident" and were those horses supposed to sleep in a convenience store parking lot after the ordeal they went through?

He wants to do this again and risk another horse. The person driving the truck that hit that horse could have been killed along with the horse. Think about it. No need to do this trip again.

Dina Mergoli