Horses need better care

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By The Staff

Letter to the editor

I have read Cheri McDemott's letter on the 18 Arabians that were removed from their life of neglect and abuse from their owners and sent back to hell. What kind of animal protection laws is this legal system enforcing?

Do the courts and the State Attorney's office really care about these majestic Arabian horses? No, they do not. Do they think a fine and a slap on the wrist is going to make these owners care for these animals? Now they have to pay $4,000 to the Sheriff's Department. Do you think they are going to pay to feed and care for them on top of paying the Sheriff's Department?

I think it is just disgusting that the law protects the criminals, because these "owners of the horses" are criminals and the law is not protecting these innocent animals from a life of starvation, neglect and cruelty. How dare they even give them a chance to take care of these horses? They should be adopoted out to loving homes and the owners should be in jail for abuse. But there are so many abused animals because the legal system is not doing their jobs. They should have mandatory jail time, "no excuses" for people who starve and neglect animals and the animals should never be returned to a life of abuse.

People who abuse them will never change. They just don't care if they let any animal, never mind 18 of them, get in that bad condition. Does the law really believe they will fix the situation or just get the paperwork off their desks and move on to the next case.

This is unacceptable law enforcement and something needs to be done about these horses, and the judges and State Attorney's Office need to hear the people and punish these "criminals" who abuse animals.

I personally have lost much faith in the so-called "justice system" that has failed to protect victims, human or animal.

Have these animals received medical attention, hoff care, and what has been done about the broken jaw of the stallion? This makes me sick that these horses have been returned. What was the law thinking?

What can be done to save these horses? I'm sure there are hundreds of people, myself included, in this area who are willing to give these horses a good home. Why have they been sent back? It's not fair. Do some of them have to die before they are taken away from these people?

Diane Marchand