Grants could revitalize sewer system

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

Two public hearings last week went virtually unnoticed by Williston residents, but if things go according to plan, everyone on the city’s sewer system could reap the benefits.

The Williston City Council voted Tuesday to submit an application for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

If awarded, the $650,000 grant would replace sewer lines on seven city streets and connect the airport to the existing system. 

It would also pay for the construction of a pressure reducing water valve.

The grant covers the work, advertising and the administration of the grant by Fred Fox. 

The city’s portion, or share, would be $125,000.

Councilman Charles Goodman asked what the incentive was to spend that kind of money and was told by Fox, “deteriorating sewer lines.”

The second grant concerns the wastewater facilities and calls for $12.7 million in replacement and rehbilitation efforts. The city would be eligible for $9.3 million and could finance the balance with a low interest loan.

The plan calls for replacing 12 of the city’s 19 lift stations, 101 manholes and 33,000 linear feet of sewer main throughout the city.

Once the plan is approved, it is good for five years and the city is under no obligation to do the work. It was also noted that the sewers were installed in 1955–or earlier–and are in deteriorating condition.

If the work is not done, failure mode for the system is a worse case scenario, the council learned.