Getting the word(s) out

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By Jim Clark

The Williston Rotary Club and the Williston Pioneer Sun News got the word out, actually lots of words, to third-graders at the elementary school last week.

At an event held at the school's auditorium, members of the club and representatives of the newspaper distributed free dictionaries to each of the students.

According to the project's Web site, the idea for the Dictionary Project began in 1992 when Annie Plummer of Savannah, Ga., gave 50 dictionaries to children who attended a school close to her home. She didn't stop there. In her lifetime she raised the money to buy 17,000 dictionaries for children in Savannah.

Mary French, a Rotarian and former school secretary, admired Annie's work and took up the crusade in Charleston, S.C. Under Mary's leadership, Annie's idea has developed into The Dictionary Project, a nonprofit organization.

Since Annie's death in 1999, over 1.25 million children have received dictionaries because thousands of people saw the same need in communities all over the United States.