Foal returns home

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By The Staff

The mystery of the foal found inside the Williston city limits recently has been solved with a happy ending but a sad twist.

Carmello Zappulla of Kimberlite Farm on U.S. 41 has come forward to claim the colt. Zappollo told authorities he found one of his mares dead on Friday, May 16. The mare was bred, but no foal was evident. Zappulla assumed the mare had died prior to giving birth.

Last week, when Zappulla read the Williston Pioneer Sun News, he realized his mare had probably given birth before she died. The foal had walked off his property and was found four miles away on Saturday, May 17.

Zappulla had been contacted by a volunteer on Saturday, but the foal was described as about 2 months old. Zappulla therefore concluded the foal wasn't his.

The foal has now been reunited with Zappulla. DNA analysis will be done with the foal's hair to confirm it is indeed from the Kimberlite Farm.

Zappulla compensated the farm owner who initially took the foal in for the care he provided for seven days. The foal has had a rough start and is not in the best of health.

Its future now rests with a veterinarian and some good luck.