Finds irony with BOCC’s action

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 To the editor:

    I recently reviewed your article about the County Commission allowing a variance for relative care.

I found it quite ironic that the commissioners claim the county is strict about these variances.

I have been living across the street from a property zoned single family residential that has been used for multiple family rental since the elderly relative died years ago. One of the excuses was that these were “cousins” or other relatives.

The property sold for quite a bit in the real estate bubble.

I found out that one of the owner/realtors was claiming Homestead exemption on it though she said to me it was purchased on speculation and she was living in Naples. A clerk at the Property Appraisers office told me that the County was aware of the violation in 2012.

Various people continue to move in and out, though I and a neighbor had to notify Code Enforcement ourselves last spring. I have complained to the remaining owner.

I was waiting until after the holidays to complain again as the studio apartment with the long stairway running down the side of the house is apparently occupied and the cottage nearby is now rented out. One of the renters told me that the family that moved into the lower floor of the house last spring moved in 30 minutes after the previous renters moved out and she was leaving as soon as she could due to the other renters.

I have no objection to an addition to a residence, but it is very expensive to dispose of a trailer and it indeed lowers property values, no matter the use.

Harriett Jones