Felony convictions from November

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By Jeff M. Hardison

The following people were convicted of felonies in Levy County Circuit Court during the month of November.

These names have been provided to the Levy County Supervisor of Elections. Convicted felons are not allowed to vote in Florida or to possess a firearm until their civil rights are restored for those purposes.

* Michael P. Alumbaugh, 46, of Bronson, possession of marijuana, producing marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver.

* Adam Bergdoll, 19, of Hernando, larceny.

* Lacy L. Edwards Jr., 39, of Inglis, battery on an officer or firefighter.

* David A. Farrell, 40, of Chiefland, failure to register as a sexual offender.

* Cantina Glover, 49, of Chiefland, possession of cocaine and sale of cocaine.

* John C. Hall, 42, of Bronson, possession of cocaine.

* Jai A. Henry, 27, of Inglis, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

* Gay Hill, 38, of Ocala, obstructing justice by intimidating or threatening a witness.

* Virgel Kerklin, 40, of Morriston, operating a motor vehicle while having driver license revoked from being a habitual traffic offender (HTO).

* Jason M. Lang, 32, of Chiefland, sale of methamphetamine.

* Cecil McCray, 22, of Chiefland, two counts of possession of cocaine, driving while license suspended or revoked three or more times and HTO.

* Tremaine A. McQueen, 30, of Chiefland, possession of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and destroying evidence.

* Aaron M. Miller, 27, of Dade City possession of cocaine.

* Anthony B. Mitchell, 38, of Largo, larceny.

* Terra Marie Osteen, 29, of Cross City, purchase of cocaine.

* Kyle A. Paulk, 20, aggravated assault with the intent to commit a felony.

* George H. Pierce, 46, of Bronson, possession of methamphetamine and delivery of methamphetamine.

* Christine A. Priefer, 46, of Yankeetown, larceny.

* Stepheon D. Rives, 20, of Williston, fleeing and attempting to elude arrest.

* Randolph J. Samuels, 49, of Gainesville, possession of cocaine.

* Jack Smith, 37, of Williston, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

* John L. Smith, 53, of Williston, aggravated battery.

* Ronald E. Spears, 40, of Inglis, three counts of possession of narcotics with the intent to sell.

* Gary A. Sullivan, 31, of Fanning Springs, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

* Jeremiah A. Tisdale, 25, of Bronson, two counts of larceny.

* William Tisdale, 50, of Bronson, failure to register as a sexual offender.

* Michael A. Walker, 34, of Cross City, fraud - giving false name on driver license.

* Angela A. Walton, 39, of Chiefland, possession of cocaine.

* Hewitt R. Watkins III, 22, of Williston, smuggling contraband into a detention facility.

* Jethro H. White Jr., 20, of Williston, perjury during an official proceeding and destroying evidence.

* Samuel O. White, 24, of Bronson, larceny.

* Eushila S. Wilson, 37, of Reddick, HTO.