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By Steve Jarboe

As this outstanding basketball teams season comes to an end, I too, am saying “So long.”  

Over the last 7 1/2  years, I have had the distinct privilege to cover some of the most outstanding, well mannered young men and women participating in high school sports today. I am speaking of the young men and women in Williston, who are proud to be called Red Devils.

From football to basketball, volleyball and softball, baseball, and the cheerleaders.  And I certainly won't forget the annual Award Banquets I have covered.

 I feel that no one person was more privileged than myself to have had such outstanding moments to try to put into simple words and pictures for the Williston Pioneer  the hundreds of game stories and pictures, of these outstanding groups of young men and women from Williston High School.  

I would also like to thank the present Red Devil coaches and their Staffs Jamie Baker, Steve Faulkner, Kim Nivala, Scott Hall, Carl Williams and Scarlet McGowen for their cooperation in allowing me personal inter-actions with their teams and in always keeping their team members ready for a quick photo session or interviews.

The Williston High School office staff was also extremely cooperative when I would show up at the school office during the week seeking out a coach or player, and a special thank you to Ms. Wise.     

I will be leaving the sidelines and the court sides and moving out of the dug outs to the bleachers, no camera, no note pad, but I will continue to remain the No. 1 Red Devil fan.

One of my editors, about four years ago,  asked me, why since you are retired, do you cover these kids and show up for all the Williston games home and away, and do what you do ? My answer to him was simple. “Two percent of the youth  today are sorry, and there is to much reporting on this two percent and not enough reporting on the Ninety Eight percent of today's youth that are truly outstanding young men and women.” So it has been really easy, with the subjects of my reporting being this group of outstanding young men and women student athletes from Williston High School. Many of these student athletes have received scholarships over the last 7 years, and almost each and every one has done well at the next level, thanks in part to their supportive parents, and our Williston school system. So,  I am just simply saying  to all Red Devil Coaches, Student Athletes, and Red Devil fans, Thanks and so long, not goodby. I'll see you in the stands and bleachers backing our outstanding young men and women who are as proud as I am to be a Williston Red Devil. I would also like to thank the Williston Pioneer for believing in Red Devil Sports and for their continued coverage of the Red Devil teams.