Extension cord causes church fire

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By The Staff

 Church goers at New Abundant Life Church at 131 N. Main St. had to leave the building around 11:19 a.m. June 25 after a fire erupted from a 75-foot extension cord.

When Williston firefighters arrived, light smoke was coming out the front door and was present throughout the building.

The extension cord was being used to power an electric saw.

 Fire crews used a (TIC) Thermal Imaging Camera to make sure that no further extension of the fire had occurred in the electrical wiring in the walls. The building was ventilated using special type fans to help remove smoke quickly.  

The normal wear and tear on extension and flexible cords in your home or office can loosen or expose wires, creating hazardous conditions. Cords that are not three-wire type, not designed for hard-usage or that have been modified, increase your risk of contacting electrical current, the fire department warned.  

To avoid hazards, the fire department recommends:

• Use factory-assembled cord sets. 

• Use only extension cords that are three-wire type. 

• Use only extension cords that are marked with a designation code for hard or extra-hard usage. 

• Use only cords, connection devices, and fittings that are equipped with strain relief. 

• Remove cords from receptacles by pulling on the plugs, not the cords. 

• Continually audit cords on-site. Any cords found not to be marked for hard or extra-hard use, or which have been modified, must be taken out of service immediately.