Drugs, guns $100,000 land 'Jane Doe' in jail

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Morriston home searched by deputies DEA agents

By The Staff

A woman who claims to not understand English or Spanish and was in a home with drugs, guns and over $100,000 in money has been jailed as a "Jane Doe," according to a Levy County Sheriff's Office press release.
 The arrest came after deputies and federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents did a "knock and talk" at a home on Southeast 80th Street in Morriston. A woman answered the door and officers detected the odor of marijuana.
When the DEA agents asked to enter the residence the female claimed she could not speak English.  When an interpreter was brought in the woman claimed she did not understand.
A search warrant was obtained for the home and officers recovered cocaine, marijuana, handguns, a Mini-14 high powered rifle, shotguns, over 5,000 rounds of ammunition, numerous credit cards in various names, $100,000 in cash and a Ford Mustang.
Because her identity is unknown she was booked into county jail as "Jane Doe" and she faces charges of possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and possession of a fictitious driver's license. She is believed to be an illegal immigrant.
Agents expect more arrests and the investigation continues into what appears to be organized crime and money laundering, the release said.