Crabfest chaos has to stop now

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 There’s a lot of good people in the community commonly called East Williston and Saturday those people became victims when violence took over an event that has long roots in the community–Crabfest.

The black community is filled with folks proud of their culture and who enjoy a chance to celebrate it. We applaud that.

But we also think that those who organize this annual event should take steps to have it sanctioned by obtaining the proper permits. When that many people come together at one time, without security, the odds are something bad will happen.

This year that bad was more than a fist fight or verbal shoutdown when someone brandished a gun.

It was a random senseless thing that marred what was supposed to be a fun-filled weekend get-together.

Turn Saturday’s tragedy into a positive. We urge the people of this community to band together and take back the place you call home. Make East Williston something to be proud of.