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Carolyn Ten Broeck
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What is the biggest problem facing Levy County today?

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I don't think Levy County has

I don't think Levy County has enough retail outlets to bring in more tax dollars

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Levy county

The biggest problem facing Levy County right now is that the authorities are so out of touch they're not reigning in costs, which is vitally important, because this economy is going to continue to decline.

First it was green shoots, which proved wrong, then it was spun that we were in a recovery, both of which were no more than appalling lies by the feds, hoping that by falsifying the true situation things would somehow get better on their own.

But now it's even worse. The feds are creating money out of thin air. They're printing presses are on full speed, and it's going to cause the dollar to crash due to runaway inflation, something similar to the Weimar Republic from 1914 to 1923, which was the precurser that caused WWII.

Those who have the intelligence to understand it, might want to view a recap by the National Inflation Assn. via their video on Youtube:

The rainey day Levy County trust fund money, and the stimulus money from the fed have all been used up, and revenue continues to fall.

Budget amounts are not going to be met for the next period. The county commission can either cut spending or raise taxes...or both. Which do you believe will be their choice?

But then, what about the budget period after the next one when the economy still doesn't improve and the public has been maxed out on taxes? And the next one? Are they going to raise our property taxes so high we can't pay them, then have a SWAT team surround our property to evict us so they can put our real estate up for sale? It hasn't happened yet, but that doesn't mean it won't. History has shown us time and time again that governments commit atrocious crimes in order to grab as much money as they can to keep their bloated bureaucracies functioning.

Unequivocally, a lack of operating revenue is definitely the county's biggest problem now and in the foreseeable future. Anybody who doesn't admit to that is in denial and has a problenm facing reality.