Council honors Students of the Month

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Williston Mayor Gerald Hethcoat and the city council honored October Students of the Month during the city council meeting last week.

Joyce Bullock Elementary’s representative is first grader Angelina Vuto, daughter of Mike and Tony Vuto.

She was nominated by  Mrs. Hogle, her teacher who made the following comments: 

“Even though we just started school, Angelina has already been a great example to everyone else of how to behave and be responsible at school.  She loves to help the other children and always follows the School Rules.  Her kindergarten teacher said she also was a big help in her kindergarten class.”

Student of the Month at Williston Elementary School is fifth grader, Bridget Barley, daughter of Heather and Chad Barley.

She was nominated by Mrs. Brewington, her teacher who made the following comments:

“Bridget is a well deserving student of this honor.  She is a very polite well mannered individual that is always on task.  She is very helpful to the adults on campus and to her fellow classmates.  Bridget always has a positive attitude and a warm smile.  It is an honor to have her in my class.”

Rachel Backman-Lefkowtiz, was selected by the eighth grade team for the Williston Middle School Student of the Month.

She is the daughter of Marianne Backman and Raymond Einhorn.

Comments about Rachel were:

“Rachel is an outstanding student who is both motivated and focused.  She uses these skills as she currently is taking Algebra 1 Honors and English 1 Honors for high school credit.  The reason she is so successful in all that she does is she tries to do her best.  

"I want to succeed, have good grades and go to college,” Rachel said.  “I want to have something to be proud of."  Noting the importance of her parents, she says, "They expect excellence and are proud of me."

Her favorite subject is math, which will serve her well in the future.  Her plans include going to the University of Florida or an Ivy League school to study marine biology.  She might even become a chef.  Her favorite sport is volleyball, as she presently plays on the WMS volleyball team.

 Her taste in music includes many different artists and types of music.  She also likes to read.  Her favorite book is Blue is for Nightmares.  It is a mystery, which is her favorite kind of book to read.