Confessions of a shoe-aholic

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

Next to bacon and coffee, shoes have to be my favorite tangible things in this life, because no matter matter how many doughnuts, Reese's Cups and pounds of bacon I consume, my feet remain virtually unchanged.

I wear a 7 1/2 – and I have since high school. Occasionally now I'll buy an 8 though if the shoe doesn't come in my size and I just have to have it. It also helps with the swelling after a long 14-hour day.

Tom just doesn't get it. When we first got married, he said as much. A man, he said, only needs four pairs of shoes: black, brown, sneakers and flip flops for the beach. Why did I need so many?

Because I wear them. I wear them all.

I admit, I am better than I once was. About five years ago, I owned 200 pairs – including flip flops, which accounted for at least 20 percent of my footware.

I finally started culling them out but only because I just didn't have room for them anymore. Tom built special shelves in our walk-in closet for them, but he became discouraged when I commandeered two huge cubbies in the garage for the leftovers.

I'm down to about 100 pairs now – thanks to Dobby who ate four pairs in his puppyhood.

When he ate my Nine West black pumps, I almost cried. And sent him back to the orphanage.

But I didn't do either. Instead I went online and found replacements – and three more similar pairs to boot.

Sunday – Mothers Day – Tom and I went to Gainesville. He needed some lawnmower part from Sears. I don't like lawnmower parts so I had him let me off in front of Belk. I told him I'd meet him in Sears in 10 minutes.

I'd no sooner walked into the shoe department when he texted he was finished and ready to leave.

What was I to do? I hadn't even begun my survey of the clearance racks.

So I did all I knew to do. I grabbed two pairs of Yellow Box flip flops (on sale for $17.99) and rushed to the cash register. I'd hoped to pay for them and have them in a bag before I went to the car.

It didn't work. I turned around and there he was, shaking his head and coming toward me.

"Find anything?" He asked facetiously. And then, "So which ones are you throwing out?"

That was sacrilege and I told him so.

Sensing my fury, he backed down and told me he would not bring up the shoes ever again.

"But I wear them," I said. "I wear them all."

"That indeed you do," he conceded.

Just as well he admit I was right.

A flyer came from Payless yesterday.

With 25 percent off and BOGO, how can I say no?