City to negotiate with Lippmann

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

Scott Lippmann, a former city manager  in Archer and a Williston resident, was chosen unanimously Tuesday night as the potential city manager for Williston.
The position has been vacant since July and has been most recently filled by Dr. Oel Wingo, also an contender for the job.
The initial list of applicants numbered 42 and was pared down to 11 by consultant Mark Durbin of the Range Riders.
In October, council members culled that list down to four applicants and began the interview process. One of those  four dropped out of contention to take another job, leaving Lippmann, Wingo and Danny Lucas for interviews in November.
Tuesday night, Councilor Cal Byrd made the motion to hire Lippmann, stating, “He would be a better fit for this community.”
Each council member, in turn, shared his thoughts about the candidates, with the exception of Norm Fugate who was absent from the meeting.
All praised Wingo and her accomplishments over the past four months.
“No one could have done a better job,” said Councilor Charles Goodman. “What she has done for the city of Williston will help us for many years to come.”
President Jason Cason and Councilor Elihu Ross concurred.
What it came down to for all four councilmen was who would be the best fit and have the “stronger heart” for Williston.
Lippmann won hands down.
All four councilmen said Lippmann would be a fixture in Williston and would have the best interest in mind for a long time.
Wingo lives about 13 miles east of Williston. Lippmann does not live in the city limits, he said in his interview, but he owns property in the incorporated area.
Council agreed to allow Cason to meet with Lippmann and initiate the negotiations, concerning salary and benefits. A contract draft is expected to be ready by Dec. 13 when the council will meet with Lippmann at 5 p.m.
The position was advertised for “up to $85,000.”
Goodman said Lippmann had told him that $70,000–what the city paid the last city manager–was a fair and reasonable salary.