City checks for unlicensed businesses

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By The Staff

The city of Williston is warning all business owners in the city limits that they must have a current Business Tax Certificate.

The Code of Ordinances Section 36-31 (a) reads:

"There is hereby levied a local business tax in the amounts as set forth in section 36-36 hereof for the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, profession or occupation within the corporate boundaries of the city. The tax imposed hereunder shall be administered in accordance with all provision of F.S. ch. 205."

According to the city, basically, what this means is if your are operating a business office, engaging in business within the corporate boundaries of the city, or operating a self-employed business out of your home, you are required to have a current Business Tax Certificate with the city of Williston.

The Business Tax Certificate is an annual fee always due Oct. 1 covering the period of Oct. 1 through Sept. 30 the following year. Fee amounts vary due to the type of business rendered. If you were unaware of thsee regulations, contact the city office at 528-3060 for application or any inquiries.

To ensure that compliance is city-wide, the City Office will be checking the local paper for business advertisements and Code Enforcement will be checking local businesses for current business Tax Certificates.