Christmas items stolen

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Letter to the editor by Holly Gardner

By The Staff


On New Year’s Day someone took a plastic Santa Claus and a candy cane out of my yard. I would like to say thank you for allowing it to stay in my yard over the Christmas Holidays. The children in the neighborhood really enjoyed walking through the yard and looking at the different items.

This brings so much joy to the young and the old. I must say that this Santa cannot be replaced because they are not produced anymore in plastic, This burdens my heart that someone out there is so inconsiderate to the feeling of others and to also do this in the season of our Lord and Savior’s birth. I will never know who did this but one thing for sure God knows who you are and it will not go unnoticed to him, because each of us will pay for our own sins on judgment day.

In March in the season of our Lord and Savior’s Death and Resurrection someone also took upon themselves to take 7 large plastic Easter eggs out of my yard. I would like these items back if you can find it in your heart to return them. You can return them just like you took them, when I am not here. If you choose to keep them, then so be it. I will forgive you and pray that God will do the same.

Holly Gardner

South Main Street