Charges PE’s Lyash misrepresents facts

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By The Staff

To the editor:

Recent stories in the Citrus County Chronicle have quoted Mr. Lyash, Florida CEO of Progress Energy, of the privately owned and operated electric provider to 1.7M rate payers, saying that the nuclear power plants in Levy County WILL be built. His comments are without question premature as the courts have determined that the plants cannot go forward without proper permitting. We also know that a similar proposal was introduced in another state and that, because the final permitting was not granted for the evacuation route in an emergency, the plant never produced one kilowatt hour of electricity for the rate payers. This is not a mistake we want to repeat here.

I challenge the comments made by Mr. Lyash. His comments fly in the face of the process afforded the company he represents and the due diligence required by Progress Energy Electric Company. Mr . Lyash’s statements to the paper demonstrate: either a lack of comprehension of the process at best, or an arrogance regarding the cash strapped rate payers plight at worse, in these very difficult economic times. Mr. Lyash appears to be consumed with the profits to Progress Energy and his high paying position, and not that of the 1.7M rate payers PE services here in Florida.

Mr. Lyash, just because you make these unsubstantiated claims, doesn’t make it so. Stop misrepresenting the real facts to the rate payers. It is time to stop the corporate greed rhetoric to protect the 10 percent profit granted to your company by the Public Service Commission. It is time for Progress Energy to rethink its fundamental priorities of profit, and be mindful of the economic realities facing the cash strapped rate payers of Florida.

Call To Action: We have the opportunity to tell Mr. Lyash and his representatives what we really think about their request to the Public Service Commission for yet another electric rate increase. Come to the public hearing to be held on Friday, 9 a.m. to noon on July 17h at the Citrus County Auditorium, 3610 S. Florida Ave., Inverness. Please come and take an active role to display your opposition to the Progress Energy rate hikes.

Respectively submitted,

Suzan Franks, 652 E. Dakota Ct., Hernando, Fl 34442