A cautionary tale

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By Terry Grayson

I love losing myself in a good conspiracy theory, and there is no better place to indulge this weakness than on one of the many Webs ites that cater to this type of material. These theories range from government complicity in bringing about a New World Order to the “faking” of the Apollo moon landings. Most of the theorists accuse our government and/or other governments of being the driving force behind a certain travesty in order to advance some sort of evil agenda. Given the outrageous number of conjectures being floated, this would leave our government far too busy covering up and very little time to run a nation.

Very often these conspiracies, on the surface, seem quite plausible. But somewhere along the line a fly appears in ointment, and the whole thing begins to unravel. A popular conspiracy theorist named David Icke has been trying to persuade people via books, Web sites and YouTube videos that a secret society called the Bilderberg Group has been conspiring for decades to bring about a New World Order. His theory interested me a great deal and led me to spend many hours over the course of a week researching his claims.

I say research, but in reality it was my pursuit of this guilty pleasure, more than any real fact finding mission, that spurred me on. What finally brought me back to my senses was the discovery that one of Mr. Icke’s theories concluded the leadership of this vast, world-control-seeking organization are actually reptilian aliens disguised as humans, who have infiltrated our race and in the long run simply want to eat us. I have since found myself to be a bit more critical, from the start, when I launch into a new piece of conspiratorial fantasy.

More recently there has been news of a different kind of conspiracy brewing that appears to be tearing at the very fabric of our society. It would seem a certain political party, whose popularity has been waning for the last few years, has been pulling out all the stops in a desperate attempt to rally its shrinking base. Meanwhile it has been alleged that despicable corporate entities with unlimited cash reserves are secretly funding thinly veiled lobbyist organizations that, in turn, are seeking out the radical fringe of the party in order to disrupt the agenda of the political party currently in power.

Congressmen-women are being shouted down at their own town forums. Handguns, rifles and semi-automatic assault weapons are being openly displayed, even at presidential rallies. Never before heard of tales, of death panels and government-sponsored euthanasia, are being told by the ill informed to the generally uninformed with the intent of fomenting anger.

Some have made comparisons of these actions to similar events that took place in pre-Hitler Germany. Others have likened the performances of the gun-wielding thugs to the modus operandi of the Brownshirts before the Nazi Party came to power. It has even been speculated that corporate fascism is nearly upon us, and stopping it will be next to impossible.

I don’t claim to know much about this nonsense or even how the conspiracy theorists could have woven such an intricate garment from this patchwork of quizzical tales, but I do believe if there existed a thread of truth to these rumors of fascism, we would have been informed by our eternally reliable mainstream media.

Herein lies the fly in the proverbial ointment: If the truth is out there it is impossible to imagine that the fourth estate would have left it somewhere to whither and die on the vine. Heaven knows, if the answers to the tough questions asked by the people cannot be found on the front page of a syndicated newspaper or on a network news broadcast, then they certainly will not be found floating in cyberspace. That would be crazy talk!