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 To the editor: 

Enjoyed reading the special section last week announcing the Readers’ Choice Awards. But there was one serious omission: No award for Best Newspaper.

I’d like to nominate the Williston Pioneer.

Perhaps nobody knows as well as I how hard Pioneer editor, Carolyn Ten Broeck, must work to get out the news every week. We should all appreciate what she does for the Williston community.

Lots of information--and misinformation--flies across wires and through the air willy-nilly today from one computer or smart phone to another. But only a newspaper gives all residents a common body of news.

 It is through a newspaper that we can share with everyone. It’s through the newspaper we learn what’s going on in town, and find the information we, as citizens, need to make informed decisions.

I hope all of you will second my motion and let Carolyn know how thankful you are for the work she’s doing.

Skipper Hammond