Bronson wants trucks on main drag

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By Mark Scohier

A request to make a Bronson street one way was side-stepped Monday night when the issue, as a request by resident Dick Garner, turned more toward having a public hearing on a "No thru trucks" sign that would cut down on heavy truck use.

Garner, according to Utilities Director Jimmy Dunford, said that drivers are turning onto Oak Avenue from Court Street in an attempt to avoid the light on highway 24 where the road intersects with U.S. 27.

"He asks that it be converted to one way," Dunford said.

A woman living in the area objected, saying she enjoyed the ease of being able to travel both ways.

"I don't feel like people are using that street to avoid the traffic (light)."

Vice Mayor Beatrice Roberts, who works for the post office, said making the street one way would hold up mail delivery in the area.

Council Member Bruce Greenlee said it might be more appropriate to hold a public hearing on the designation of Court Street as "No thru trucks."

Court Street already has a sign to this effect, but Greenlee said there needs to be a public hearing making the designation official in order to give law enforcement the ability to pull trucks over.

The Council unanimously approved  the preparation of an ordinance on the matter by Town Attorney Steven Warm. Warm said the ordinance needs to be written before a hearing can take place.