Bronson rec center back in spotlight

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After getting lost in the shuffle for a spell, it appears that an idea to construct a community recreation center in Bronson is once again on the table.

Town staff and officials started looking into the details of constructing such a facility last year, but the issue temporarily faded, taking a backseat to more pressing issues.

But Bronson Parks and Recreation Director Curtis Stacey told Bronson Town Council members Monday night that the matter should once again be addressed.

“Parks and Rec is growing,” Stacey said. “If we’re gonna’ grow, we’re gonna’ have to do something to keep them ….”

He said he hears every day questions about a recreation center.

Council Member Aaron Edmondson agreed, though like the rest of the council that voted unanimously in favor of staff moving forward with getting information on bank loans, he questioned the approach to obtaining such a facility.

He suggested starting small, building a recreation center that could be added onto in the future. “That’s just the way it’s gonna’ have to be done,” he said.

Edmondson said he wasn’t sure where the money would, ultimately, come from, but he was adamant that the project get underway.

“The children are the future of Bronson, and we got to do whatever it takes,” he said. “Let’s get something done.”

 The matter is expected to be addressed in future meetings. Town officials have not, at this point, specified a particular size or style of building, though talks have pointed toward ordering a kit-type structure that could be assembled on top of a concrete slab.