In Bronson, look to the sun and 'go green'

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EZ Solar opens

By Steve Jarboe

EZ Solar has a message for all residents of Levy County.

February 2 was the Grand Opening of the new company in Bronson, located at 810 E. Thrasher Dr. (Hwy 24) in the Wholesale Tile building.

A call to EZ Solar at 486-0063 where you can talk with Ray or Heidi Samec, will allow you to get all the facts to “Go Green” right here in Levy County.

There is certainly no time like the present, as the new year brings with it incentives from the state of Florida and the federal government totaling 65 percent of your total cost coming back to you. Besides saving money, solar is just smart.

Ray and Heidi can make solar easy to understand. The cost of electricity will continue to go up, never down. This means a solar system will save you even more as time goes on.

EZ Solar sells and installs solar electrical systems as well as solar water heating systems. Currently in place are rebates and incentives for home and business owners to change their power sources. More than half the cost of a new solar system is paid for by our government.

As it presently stands most home and business owners have no choice where they get their electricity or most important how much they will pay for it. EZ Solar gives the average Joe the opportunity to become his own power company.

The cost of most Solar Systems are paid for in 8-10 years, locking in electricity cost at today’s prices. As the utility rates increase you will save even more.

Ray and Heidi have been the owners of Wholesale tile in Bronson which they opened in 2005, when they settled in Bronson.

EZ Solar is a timely “Green” new company.

The Samecs started construction on their new “Green” home that was finished in 2008, and their dream of living a cleaner, greener life has come to fruition. As each month went by and their power bills were consistently low, they knew, not only does solar work, but it is affordable.

The Samecs are committed to helping the environment and helping others to understand and use solar power.

Stop by and talk with Ray or Heidi. You will be glad you did.