Be cautious when sharing road with bikers

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To the editor.
One of the greatest luxuries we have living in this area is the wide open roads.
Coming from South Florida, I was drawn to the lifestyle up here-the slow easy, friendly pace. This is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the mean streets of South Florida. I felt so safe that I went out and purchased a trike motorcycle, an indulgence I wouldn’t allow myself prior to moving here.
I have not ridden in over 40 years and yet the desire to ride never left me.
I enrolled in motorcycle courses to help prepare me to be back on the road.
I did everything in my power to become a responsible driver, knowing I would be sharing the road with others.
One thing I was not prepared for was the behavior of other drivers, who are impatient and careless when it comes to motorcycles.
Motorcycle riders do not have the safety equipment, airbags or seatbelts, or a roof or window to protect us from flying debris, so we have to be more alert to our surroundings.

This may cause us to drive at a slower or guarded pace.
And whether we are novice riders or we were born on a bike, we need you, the vehicle drivers to be patient with us and use common courtesy.
Last week a fellow bike rider lost her life on the road out there.
It’s hard to know that with a little care and patience, she might still be sharing the road with us today.
Lylia Jean Brackin