Airport, city plan for improved relationship

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

The mother-in-law lives in a suite adjacent to the house but she doesn’t have dinner with the family.
That was City Attorney Fred Koberlein’s summation of the city of Williston and its Airport Committee after differing views of the most recent committee meeting were presented at last week’s city council meeting.
Councilors Elihu Ross and Charles Goodman were appointed last month to be the council’s liaisons to the committee and last week  President Jerry Robinson asked the two for their takes on their first meeting.
Ross spoke in numerical generalities: the number of tenants, how much fuel is sold, etc.
But Goodman cut to the chase when he said the airport committee did not feel the city was as supportive as it could be.
Too much bureaucracy and the lack of working together has to be addressed, Goodman said.
“Until we change the state of mind, we’re not going to change the comments,” he said.
Airport Committee President Debra Jones said the last meeting was “fabulous and phenomenal” as a lot of progress was made.
Councilor Jason Cason said a lease tenant told him that little business actually occurred at the meeting, and the largest percentage of the evening was devoted to the city versus the airport committee. Cason said the tenant was discouraged.
“I beg to differ,” Robinson said. “I was there. It was positive. What you’re describing is not the meeting I attended.”
Cason countered that he was only repeating what he had been told, and said that was more in line with what Goodman had related.
That’s when Koberlein used the mother-in-law analogy to describe  what seems to be going on.
Everyone agreed the two groups need to work together because a lot of good things happen at the airport, although the average person is not affected by them.