About the Williston Airport

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By The Staff


My husband and I are private pilots and we frequently visit the Williston Airport. We enjoy visiting the airport because of its friendly atmosphere and have been involved in the annual activities.

Pilots share the same needs as any other traveler. We look for the best fuel prices, suffer mechanical emergencies such as flat tires, purchase forgotten items and souvenirs or gifts, need ground transportation, food and an overnight stay. With these needs in mind, a community could share in the economic benefit of its local airport. Any successful business always seeks a niche in the market. This niche is the Williston Airport.

Since the airport is a government entity, it is necessary to stay abreast of FAA rules and regulations. Who else is best suited for staying informed of FAA changes and to best serve the needs of pilots and their aircraft than a committee comprised of people familiar with all aspects of aviation. A committee will use its expertise and be focused on the specific issues. A committee can divide up responsibilities among its members to allow for more timely decision making.

My husband and I would like to see improvements to the Williston Airport. We have visited other General Aviation airports which have modern FBOs complete with aviation supplies, lounges, weather tracking resources, ground transportation and near by restaurants. Flight schools on the premises would benefit people of all ages. For young people, it would increase their interest in math and the sciences.

One such improvement is already in the works. A restaurant is in the planning stages which will attract both pilots and local citizens.

A community should fully utilize the economic potential of its local airport. A dedicated committee will help fulfill that need.

Georgette Palermo