20 churches unite in solidarity of the Spirit

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By Johnnie Jones

Special to the Pioneer

For three glorious nights, nearly 20 churches of the local faith community joined together for a powerful inter-denominational revival that drew crowds of more than 300 people each night. 

On July 11, 12 and 13 the Ministerial Faith Alliance, which is made up of congregations from Williston and the surrounding areas, held the event at Unity Temple International in Williston. 

“This is history making. Never before have so many churches in our area come together like this,”  said Bishop Willie A. Battles, pastor of the host church and vice president of the Alliance.

The Ministerial Faith Alliance’s main goal is to unite Christian churches and ministries for the purpose of fellowship and unifying around common goals for the betterment of the entire community. 

 The three-nights of revival services were high-lighted by uplifting gospel music from a combined praise and worship team organized and directed by local musician Mimi Johnson, as well as praise dances, gospel mime ministries and a moving illustrated sermon ministered by the members of Miracle Vision Tabernacle. 

The speakers for the event fired the crowds up with inspiring messages around the theme “The Glory to be One” and passionate calls for perseverance, motivation, accountability and unity.  

Pastor Steve Miller of Destiny Church of God by Faith started the event off on Wednesday with a message entitled  “You can make it the second time around.”

 The congregation was riveted and dozens received prayer at the altar after the message. 

On Thursday Pastor Keith Stewart of Morriston Baptist ministered on the theme “Revival begins with me.”

Stewart used David as example of how reflecting on your own deficiencies and allowing God to heal those can bring you to the point of being able to minister to others.

Commenting on Stewart’s message one congregant stated, “It was just what we needed.”  

Friday, Battles closed out with a message called  “The Avengers, I can’t do this by myself,” which compared the coming together of local spiritual leaders to that of the super-heroes featured in the movie “The Avengers.” 

Using 2 Kings, Chapter 3 as a text, the speaker compared the federation of Biblical kings to that of the Ministerial Faith Alliance.

 Battles remarked that although a single person or ministry might be strong, the combined effect of a unified faith community will have a supernatural impact on our community, lifestyles and well being. He completed his message with a demonstration using a circle of local senior pastors to show what strength in unity looks like.

Ministerial Alliance President Pastor Johnnie Jones III of Fountain of Life Church said that proceeds from the event will go to help fund local scholarships. 

The Alliance has a long history of supporting education. 

 Jones and the other officers of the organization have plans to bring the faith community together at least annually for the revival and other projects are also in the works. 

 “We are more alike than we are different.” Jones said, adding, “It is to our advantage to work together.” 

 The walls of denomination and other traditional barriers were taken down for this event and the leaders of the Alliance plan to keep it that way by keeping communication and cooperation open among the local Christian community. 

For those interested in copies of the sermons preached at the Ministerial Faith  Alliance’s Community Revival, CD recordings are available for each night for a small donation. Please contact Unity Temple International to request copies.